CSU Photo Contest

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It’s a momentous day! CSU News is excited to announce the opening of our new virtual photo contest and we’d love you to be a part of it.

Be one of the first to send your cityscape photo to the CSU News today!

Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, we’d love to see some of your best images and the worst images from cities all around the world to your own backyard.

You can submit your images to
metincelikmim@gmail.com and consortiumsu@gmail.com

Images can be in any of these four categories:

Sustainability in cities: sustainable and green design, efficient solutions in city planning and daily use…

Unsound design: bad urban planning, flawed architecture, contrast between national heritage and inadequate urban design in cities…

Mobile: architecture, design, urban landscape, public spaces and parks, life in cities (entries taken with phones or tablets)

Young City Photographers: for photographers age 10-18

The chosen pictures will be printed in the Newsletter.

Please write two sentences about yourself to introduce yourself to our readers. 

We look forward to seeing your photographs. Thank you for sharing your love of cities, and best of luck!


CSU Team

P.S. No matter what, you retain rights to your work