CSU Inaugural H.E. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Lecture by Claire Weisz, CSU Award winner, October 7, 2020; Virtual Program

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MILLENIAL THINKING: Reflections on our Designed Future
Inaugural H.E. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Lecture by Claire Weisz, FAIA
Recipient of the Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization 2020 Champion Award

Lecture description:
Over the course of this talk architect and urbanist Claire Weisz, FAIA, will discuss how renewing interest in designing for the long-term is “millennial thinking”. Today we consider our world of social distancing. As we practice and study in both virtual and analog places and spaces; the knowledge of urbanism and what is needed and meant by outdoor space is deepening. The health of people is linked to the design of their places, spaces and systems. Thinking beyond our life span is a strategy inherent to architectural theory and practice and has potential for impacting the contemporary world on multiple scales of urbanization. It is clear the millennial generation is leading this discussion. The talk will reflect on how current project-based professions in the built environment have failed to address concerns of the future; to explore this, examples will be discussed that illustrate how changing the perspective on the role of design in the development of neighborhoods, districts, and regions can help restore mechanisms for long-term planning in a multi-disciplinary and digitally-driven world. Acknowledging time as a critical force for people in city-building can link to UN Sustainable Development Goals, and has potential to increase interest in their effectiveness and popularization.